Friday, February 11, 2011

Morris: Being Grounded

Well, apparently I was 'grounded' from going on walk with HER.
Because of coyotes and really deep snow.

SHE thought it was too tough on me.

SHE decided to go for a short walk through the boys' pasture and take a look see around the creek bottom.
I gave her 'googly' eyes and put on my saddest face ...
she relented and let me come along.

I showed HER who was the tough kid on the block, by blazing my own trails.
I did end up only doing it for a bit to show off, then followed HER tracks. The snow was up to her knees!

We soon found a deer path and followed that to the creek bottom.
Down on the ice SHE set up her camera to do some 'bracketed' photography. When she pressed the time release thingy, I decided I should wander in and have my photo taken.

I think SHE might have been perturbed. SHE sighed very loudly.
When I got home with HER I decided that I should go play with Dottie while SHE filled the stock tanks with water.
So I'm too little for big snows? Too fragile for playing with the big Dogs?
I hardly think so.

But I can say this.
I really really deserved my nap by the heater when I got inside!

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