Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Bryce PLE and Daz 3D Studio

I tried Bryce 5.5 a few years ago, it was a free download and very amusing to play with.
While stuck in the house due to frigid and snowy conditions [think blizzard like stuff here!]...I thought I'd try my hand at Bryce again.

I found Bryce [Personal Learning Edition] free for download. It is a nice free program to make 3D landscapes.
There are YouTube Tutorials on using Bryce which are easier to follow than the written ones from years ago.

And because I could not resist, I decided to try out Daz 3D Studio, version 3 is free for 3o days...you still have it after 30 days but some features won't work. I don't imagine I'll be into this sort of editing after the 30 day trail. But I think some of the features may be useful.

I decided to try my hand at a very simple animation.

It was a fun experiment and gave me a good laugh.
Something interesting to do to combat cabin fever and bad weather.

There is a learning curve with these programs and it can be frustrating at times. One has to be patient and learn by baby steps.

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