Monday, February 14, 2011

Morris: Puppy Love

It started out pretty innocent you know. SHE said *we* were going for a walk with a friend.
What SHE forgot to tell me was the friend had a young Corgi with bedroom eyes.
I tried my hardest to impress her with my charm and wit.

I showed her how to find raccoon scat to lick, and rabbit pellets to nibble.
I tried to show her the good things in life.

She didn't seem to be very impressed.
Then she looked at me with those beautiful intelligent eyes, and I must admit,

my heart simply melted...

We walked together for a long time. It was pleasant. She didn't try to wrestle me.
In fact she was more interested in everything going on around her...
that she pretty much ignored me.

I was crestfallen.
She was not interested, I think.

And her human took her away before I was able to do a proper goodbye sniff...

To add insult to injury ~ SHE gave me a shampoo with vanilla scent afterwards.

So now I lay on the couch moping and hoping and dreaming of a certain fawn colored Corgi named Daisy.

Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Morris, It's better to have loved and lost,
    than never to have loved at all....
    Happy Valentine's day to you too!

  2. Happy belated V-Day Morris. Alas, I too know the pang of unrequited love, but I promise, you'll be okay. :)


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