Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Grand Ol' Lady ~ update

What do vet's know?
[They'd said she'd never make it through the winter...]

Really a lot they do. You should listen to them.
Except for old determined mares who have just a few teeth and an attitude about life in general.

The Grand Ol' Lady is still going strong. She has lost some weight this winter, but she looks remarkably better than last!
What did I do different?

I didn't isolate her.
I didn't baby her.

I put her out with the other gals. She sometimes gets her way and sometimes she backs off and lets the other girls feed first.
She picks her way slowly and elegantly across the icy and snowy ground.

She comes when I call her name. [She used to run off and be hard to catch, but I guess if you are about 80 yrs old in human age, I guess you could slow down a bit.]

She stands or lays on a pile of straw and hay and naps in the sun.

She sleeps under the clear cold skies and ambles into the woods when the wind blows up cold.

She is awe inspiring.
Truthfully, I think there is something to be said about fresh air and herd mentality. She is happy with her other 'gals' and this is the only thing I can attribute to her continued good health.

This is to you Cheyanne. You still are my first horse, my first equine love, and my good old friend.
Happy 28th Year.


  1. I had been wondering about her, but was afraid to ask. She sounds like a very satisfied and happy old lady. What more can we ask?? That's great news Val.

  2. Thanks MJ, she is creaking along nicely. She hopes to frolic in the meadow again this summer!

  3. Good on her. I agree that keeping them together, the way they're meant to live, does wonders for the mental and health status. She's a beauty for sure.
    I was reminiscing about my first horse the other night. I sure do miss him. I'm glad you have your sweet girl still with you.


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