Wednesday, February 09, 2011

You did what?

So I leave the house to go to the Beauty Salon. Yes, not something I do very often, but my hair hadn't been cut since late August.

The brassy highlights that had been put in were still there, dull...with a nice dark streak down the middle of my head.
This had been okay as I'd been wearing a stocking cap in this cold weather at work. What a great cover up.

Then I decided to get something done about it.
Two hours in a chair getting 'low' lights and 'high' lights and looking like some 1950's bizarre Twilight Zone monster with foil pieces sticking out of my hair...I get it washed and trimmed.

Just a little trim as I'm considering letting it grow out some more.

I look in the mirror and am pleased. No big dark splotch running down the middle of my head. The high and low lights give my hair a more natural and subtle look. The beautician was correct, she said she'd do a very good job.
She did.

I walk in the door at home.
He looks at me.

*So what did you have done?*

Me~looking at him as if he were from another planet: *You can't TELL?

Him: *Well. Not really,...oh you got some cut off the back!* He is pleased with being able to notice that.

Me~glaring a bit. *You can't see that the big black streak is gone?*

Him: *Oh, what black streak was that?*

Me~thinking murderous thoughts. Sigh. Another woman would have noticed right away.
Maybe I should have gone pure white blond, or jet black,

I'll bet if I moved something in his junk pile he'd notice right away.


  1. What a great laugh and a great way to start my day!

  2. It could have been (and has been) the same scene at my house. Not one of my husband's strong points either. I actually have known a few men who were too critical and opinionated regarding their significant-others looks ... that, in my opinion, would be much worse!

  3. Hilarious Val. And so typical. I bet it looks really nice!


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