Monday, February 21, 2011

The Visit ~ by Morris

Its a dog's life you know.

This is how it goes.
I didn't know what SHE meant by visit.

I did go first to Teslin's house and enjoyed two days of play. We had lots and lots of fun.
Tes growled at me and we wrestled, she let me play with her toys and watched me go outside and stand guard in the front yard.
Then SHE said we were going visiting again to a 'Grandma' house. Oh that was okay I guess.
Then I got to meet the Grandma.

She is the coolest Grandma people.

She has a really nice big white dog girl named Sammy. I really liked Sammy.
[My SHE said to Grandma that I was quite the Ladies Man.]

Me and Sammy played until Sammy got tired.
Last night it probably was a very good thing that the Grandma had me in her house. I don't think she knew that there was a big monster thing on her ceiling above her. I know Sammy didn't know it because she was sleeping.
I looked up and saw the monster thing.

I started growling and walking around with my hair up on my back. I hid under the Grandma computer chair and growled looking up.

They told me that it was just a ceiling fan.
I'm still pretty sure that the ceiling fan could still be dangerous. I'll be keeping an eye on it.

When I woke up SHE told the Grandma that it was very icy out. I went out and fell flat on my nose.
HER car was so iced that SHE could not get into it. It looked like SHE was going to have to stay with the Grandma for another day.

This made me very very happy.

Me and Sammy did our thing and then we had breakfast and chased toys up and down the hallway.

I also found that the Grandma has a very nice chair, it is perfect for a little dog like me. I like taking naps in the Grandma chair.
I rest my case here...the Grandma house is a great doggie place to be!


  1. Teslin will NOT be happy with that picture! She looks 1000 years old!

  2. I'll have Morris fix it and change that Photo...sigh.

    Morris still thinks Teslin is cute!

  3. I wanna go to Grandma's house with you Morris. It looks very relaxing there.

  4. Christina said it, It does look like the perfect place to visit.
    The photo of Morris chewing on the bone shows what a very determined little dog he must be. Way to go Morris.

  5. A great outing and a good place to be storm stayed if need be.

  6. Morris is at home resting comfortably after his long weekend away from home and big adventure.

    He enjoyed it very much and is looking forward to doing it again...when I don't have winter weather to contend with!


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