Monday, April 05, 2010

Heaves, Exercise, and Mules

By now if you've followed along, you'll know my mule has something called *Heaves* also called Equine COPD, and also called Reoccurring Airway Obstruction, ...also in some circles known as environmental asthma.

That is a lot to take into consideration.
Since his 'Acute' attack, Badger has been doing fairly well. Since my hubby also has COPD, I am following some things that we are done for humans and applying them towards my mule.

I believe that even an animal who has been compromised as Badger has [and hubby] by COPD can benefit from light exercise.

I have resigned myself to knowing that Badger [hubby] are going to have good days and bad days.
Today was a good day for hubby, a slightly less than stellar day for Badger.

Yet I came up with a reason to get out and about.
Drop the never ending things that have got to get done... ...and go get some exercise and enjoy the day.

I was positive that today had to be the day we went with mules and looked for antler sheds.

Badger was ever the willing patient. He was a good sport. When he seemed to get out of breath, I stopped and let him rest. [I am counting the days to get him out on grass pasture!]
What a good sport.

COPD patients do need to exercise even if they don't feel like it. Today we did just that.
Ask me if my husband enjoyed his exercise?
Well, just look at his face.
Priceless isn't it?
I don't think he realized my intention was some sort of 'get out of the house and let's get some exercise' plot.

Badger got exercised, hubby got exercised, and we got to watch an awesome thunderstorm build over the ridge on our way back home.

Yes, we also got antler sheds.
Badger's respiration were high when we got home, but after some intense brushing and currying it dropped down to a some what acceptable level.

The rains tonight should help with the levels of dust and pollens in the air.

I love my patients.


  1. Awesome storm clouds! AND, so glad that you all got some physical and mental exercise.

  2. Thanks. We all needed it.

  3. They certainly keep you busy!