Saturday, March 18, 2023

What now?

Last year, I saw an Endocrinologist who put me on another bone med for my severe Osteoporosis.

 Per our agreement in May, we decided to go off the medications 'short term' (her terminology ~ mine was...Never!).  -- I called that discussion -- What Next?

So with that out of my mind and feeling much better, I went back to the gym and started with Mobility Class and then talked with a coach about doing exercises to Challenge my Bones and improve balance, strength, and increase core muscle strength in my lower back and hips. 

After 8 months of working one on one with a coach, I've gone back to the regular classes.

I modify my workouts to suit my abilities. I feel confident and strong. Yippee me!

Then I got this letter yesterday in the mail.

Emily E Peterson, PA-C has asked you to schedule an appointment in April. Please call------ at your earliest convenience.

Talk about out of sight out of mind. I had wished the problem away even though I am well aware of it. Especially while running up the driveway yesterday and leaping over a patch of ice to find myself on another 
patch of ice. Boom. 

I didn't fall apart. I rolled and came up trotting never giving it a thought.

I guess it is time to have a chat with the specialist again and see what she has in mind. In my mind, I want to wait for another bone scan before anything else occurs. Since I am not on specific medications for severe osteoarthritis, the insurance won't cover a yearly scan but I can have one every two years as part of preventative diagnostics.

I did wear my YakTraks later while hiking as Thursday's rains and snows made things a slippery mess.

The sun is strong this time of year so the ice in the creek area was starting to melt.

I hope to take some time on Sunday morning to go looking for something interesting at the Reserve. I hope to see some birds at least, if nothing else.

March 17th last year, I spotted Swans, Geese, Sandhill Cranes, and Red Wing Black Birds at KVR!


  1. You seem very young to be dealing with osteoporosis, but I guess DNA factors into families. And fortunately you're active, that all helps.

    1. I thought so also, but at 65 they said I had a score of -4.4 and that red lined their charts. All xrays showed normal bones for my age and no deformities or other issues other than some normal arthritis.
      The 10 yr FRAX -- Fracture Risk Assessment algorithm basically said I had a 12% chance of fractures in the next 10 years.
      Now that said, exercise, strength, and balance play huge factors in risk.
      I have never broken any bone other than a small toe.

      The chart says severe! The scan said severe!
      The xrays say normal.
      I say, hmmm, lets see another scan and see if the first one was accurate.

      And my Great Grandmother and Grandmother both had 'dowager' humps in their 80s.

    2. PS~ I have just as high risk of dying in an automobile accident than breaking bones. So I am less alarmed by numbers at this point.

  2. Oh my gosh Val, please be careful!! You rolled, no doubt I would have broken/added to a future fracture. I know you are careful & slips just happen. Glad you are okay. You found great textures & jewel tones on your walk. Have fun looking for more. It's okay to say no. Keep doing whatever you feel is right for you!

    1. I am a bit curious about the accuracy of their bone scan. I want to see another one done when its due in September. Until then, I'm not doing any meds, period.
      Yes, tumbles happen when you are running and leaping.
      I am careful but I have still have confidence in my abilities.

      I had to put KVR off until afternoon. Too much morning chores and fence repairs!
      I hope I get out there!

  3. I met with my doctor and we are doing "wait and see" after I qualify for another scan. I will admit I try to be careful. But in my own warped mind, I made up my odds. I already had a fracture - so now I am beating the odds, right? I have talked with friends and most are skipping the big med suggestions (the ones with all these freaking side effects) and just doing extra calcium and exercises, although not with your dedication. I just think that these medications aren't worth the side effects for possible benefits. But I might live to regret it.
    Personally I am in awe of the routines you have developed, your dedication and effort. I think you are going to SHOCK that doctor!!!!

    1. Previous fractures indicate a higher risk, but I think you are smart to wait on qualifying for the scan. They do that when you are 65 and it is a preventative scan authorized by Medicare every two years after you turn 65.

      Diet and exercise I think are more useful? I may end up being wrong in the end.
      Not everyone has bad side effects from the meds though.

      I am dedicated to the hard work and it is hard! However I eliminated so much pain with the hard work so it is worth it.

      LOL. I am just one of those people who Go Go Go. Until I don't. I'm like the Jack Russell Terrier I had...go, go, go!

  4. You are Go Go Go! I don't think I could have got myself up after that fall. It would be wonderful if you find the scans were off.

    1. Thanks. I'm sure I'll have a fall one day that I won't roll out of.
      My father had the best fall stories and he just wasn't paying attention in one of his falls. When he retold them, he had me in stitches. He was never seriously injured, nor did he break anything. Some day I'll tell at least the one story. It is hilarious.

  5. I am another one who doesn't trust pharmaceuticals to have unwanted side effects. After all, they are in the business of selling you more drugs... endless circle... whatever did we do for millenium before these drug companies got dollar signs in their eyes...
    That being said, you do what you must to maintain your health, and a second or third opinion is always a good thing.
    We should get a melt down this week, and - hurrah- I got new batteries for my Nikon with the telephoto lens!
    You have some magical places to photograph.

    1. I hear you strong and clear.
      Can't wait to see what you photograph!

  6. Melting is a great thing after such a long winter.

    1. It is! But I saw a lot of ice hanging from rocks today on my hike!
      ...and daffodils coming up in yards!

  7. Some perspective: My Mom never made it to 64. And she had all of her bones.... unbroken! Doctors are sometimes a little too far on the "caution side" I think your activity is keeping you young. and if their scans put you in a wheel chair to "save' your bones... I can only think that will do more harm than good. You are the master of your own health. And it certainly looks like you are on the right path. Stay active!

    1. That perspective is spot on.
      Thank you for that.

  8. There are calcium rich foods and supplements. Perhaps there is a new med that the PA can suggest? See what she has to say and then make your own decisions. :)

    1. I was curious that she wanted another bone density scan now. Since I can only get one every two years. So. I have to call her office and let them know that I can't be seen by her until after a scan in October.
      I am not happy with just milk and yogurt -- yuck -- being my plan along with exercise. So I'm going to look at suppliments and see what happens this fall.

      Hurry up and wait!


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