Friday, March 10, 2023

So much fun...

 I certainly have forgotten how head colds can progress. I'm over most of it but my sinus area and head is so clogged I feel like I need an overhaul of drain cleaner for the sinuses.

It certainly hasn't helped my mood much. 

So while the snow storm progressed yesterday, I thought I'd try baking cookies. I had not intended to. However, I had an idea and it had to do with peanut butter cookies.

I had some peanut butter on hand and looked up a recipe. Thank goodness my helpers were along!

They took care of putting the lines in the cookies...

Seriously. That was my motivation for making these cookies. I mean, why not?

Hubby said the cookies were just okay. I thought they were yummy. Then he said I should check with his daughter on the recipe. Geeze Louise...what a way to ruin my excitement and wonderment at NOT burning food! 

I went out pre snowfall and thought it would be fun to try some perspective photography.

The little person is an HO model scale person. 

See? You never know what you can find while wandering the woods!

As soon as I did this next shot, I decided to redo it because the Lego person should have been wearing her back pack too! However, I did this anyway for practice.

I'm not sure I accomplished doing what I wanted to do, but this got pretty close to what I imagined in my head:

Less distraction and a sense of distance and perspective? This will take some more work and practice. 

Anyway. My head is clogged and I am a bit cranky. But I will leave this with you...

Funny story about my mom and her cooking. Once upon a time her long time boyfriend suggested that the meal she served was not up to par. 

My mom didn't take criticism very well.
She said nothing, but walked over and picked up his plate. He'd only had a bite or two...
She dumped it on the floor. 

Her remark afterwards was: The dogs ate good that night.
His remark afterwards: Never criticize yer ma's cooking.


  1. I hope you feel better soon! Colds can be miserable.

  2. HA! I'm your mom. I'm sorry you are feeling so ill. Colds are miserable and the main reason I still mask. I like the cookie photos and I bet I would like the cookies, too.

    1. Oh I know exactly how I got this cold. But it was my own fault for forgetting I let a little one have a sip of water out of my water bottle when hiking. He had a cold last week!
      Duh! Oh well, no real harm done. I'll live.

  3. Ha, only you would have your toys help make cookies to make it more fun! Try to ignore the insensitive comment (impossible) YOU know your baking was a big success!

    Some things are better left unsaid, and that goes for your mom's BF too.

    Colds linger and are sooo draining. Take care of you & continue getting better!

    1. True, colds can be draining and it has been such a long time since I got one.
      Though today was a breakthrough...Saturday. I can breath almost normally!

  4. Cookies should make you feel better!


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