Saturday, March 11, 2023


I got out and did some hiking. I couldn't stand being stuck in the house any longer so I must have been feeling better.

I waited for hubby's nap time and started out to just walk around the summer pastures and look around. 

Our driveway was plowed at 10am and I am so glad that Frank had decided to add us to his list of places to plow.

View from behind the machine shed towards the driveway. 

Yep, we really are in a hollow. 

I just kept walking. It felt good even though the deep snow was a bit of a struggle. My snow shoes would have collected the wet heavy snow and so would my skis. The extra effort wouldn't hurt me at all.

This is part of the trail to the creek. I'll have to get someone to come next year and clear it for me again. I've had several trees come down over the past couple of years. 

It makes a nice walking trail down to the creek. It is steep.
The mules don't mind, they often go to the valley on hot summer nights to cool off near the creek.

The creek! I was so pleased to find water in the creek this time around. This part of the creek reflects how much moisture we've had. The last two years have been very dry around here. The creek then is dry in places except for where the tiny springs are.

I just loved how the snow piled up on the rocks and the reflections that were created. 
Looking down...I can see the forest above reflected in the water.

Walking the creek becomes a bit trickier when the boulders and rocks are covered with snow. However, I just take one little step at a time. The extra caution lets me just stop and look and soak in all the winter beauty around me before I take the next step.

I usually walk from one fence line to another just to see if anything has changed and which animals have been down for water.

Interestingly enough, I found very few tracks. The deer will move a few hours after the storm has let up depending on a few factors. 

The answer to water in the creek came to me at one of the dry runs. There was still moisture and melt water coming from the ridge. Water was slowly moving under the snow and dropping into the creek. If you enlarge the image you can see the water droplets coming off the rock.

I walked to the edge of the property and peered under a fallen oak towards the east. It looks like a mess with fallen branches and tree tops from other storms. 

Once past that tree, the valley starts opening up and that is where my neighbor's land is.

I decided not to go further as I'd told hubby that I was just wandering around looking for birds and whatnot in the meadow above the creek.

I didn't see the birds, but I could hear them. I even heard a Robin in the distance. 

The Queen Annes lace and other flowers have released their seeds and they too are waiting on spring.

The weather forecast is for snow this afternoon of 1 to 3 inches more. I imagine I'll see Frank and his plow again then. 

Today looks like another perfect day for walking along the creek. This time I'll head into the neighbor's valley.

Ahhh. And tomorrow the clocks change for us! Yipee! Truthfully, I wish they'd stop messing with the this time change.


  1. Your snow is way prettier than ours! Glad you got out! I am dreading the time change too:(

  2. I hate changing times. I guess it is what it is. Glad you are feeling better!!!

  3. Wow, you are in a really deep hollow! Much different from the area I call a hollow on our land. Ours is more like a tiny dip lol. Your creek must do a good job of sending excess water/run off along it's way. Otherwise, you might need to build an ark! The lay of the land seems to manage as needed.

    As for snow, we got more with even more coming. Along with a yucky forecast next week. So much snow, that I am back to snowshoeing. Trees are painted just beautifully! I haven't found many tracks the past couple days either. A few wabbit tracks, no surprise there. We have SO many rabbits.

    I am odd, the changing time doesn't bother me at all - although I do find it kinda silly.

    1. The creek is a 1/4 mile from the house and down a steep hillside of about 100 feet below our spot. The water never gets even close to us.
      I got plowed out this morning again.

      The time change doesn't much bother me either, I was already waking up at 5ish.

  4. Agree on time change. It looks magical where you live. Pleased you were able to get out for a hike. I was going to say walk, but you do more than a walk!

    1. I just go one foot in front of the other. But yes, it is steep around here so it can be a workout.


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