Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Toy time

 Here is Frank. He is leading his troopers. I don't know if Frank really knows where he is going...

Frank needs more riding lessons. He crashed the Speeder Bike.

How embarrassing!

Joan of Arch!

I really like this figure. A female knight!

Joan of Arch in Film Noir

Fred the Fly

Friends out checking the last of the ice in the creek as it melts off and enjoying the sunshine.

Last but not least...HO Scale people.

What is she doing in my coffee scoop?

Hopefully, this gives you a distraction and makes you laugh.


  1. It is all so much fun. Thanks for sharing with us the Lego People stories.

  2. Love the friends reflecting and friends with penguin photos!!

  3. Ahhh that was fine...thank you very much.
    And I want to be the rider who stays on top :-))
    A happy greeting to you.

    1. You are welcome! Staying on top is sometimes the best!

  4. My wife and I do this sort of thing on a small scale but it does give me a chuckle that you took the time to direct your own toy figurine short film!

    1. I really liked the idea of Frank having lots of misadventures as his troops look on. Thanks!


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