Wednesday, March 01, 2023

Welcome to March Madness Mud

I never think of March as any other type of month except mud month. In fact, I think March can be more dreary than November in so many ways. The grass is brown, the mud is brown, and nothing really looks appealing to my eyes.

This is a photo of the mud pasture a few years ago:

In the low part of the driveway, it can get like this depending on the melt and how the frost comes out of the ground.
Now that we are not running the skid steer daily up and down the lower part of the driveway, it isn't quite as bad.

The Spring Thaw is always a wonder around here. I am amused at all of the times hubby got a tractor stuck when it sank into the ground while he was going up hill with a round bale to a pasture. Eventually we got a skid steer and put on tracks. And yes, it is possible to get one of those stuck too. 

Me? I put hay on sleds and pull them out to areas where I have feeders that are up on a hillside and not sitting in water. I keep a big feed tub next to the porch to rinse my muddy boots off before I step onto the porch.

Even those who live on the ridge have Mud Madness. This is one of the most amusing signs I've ever seen.

He not only has mud, it is Muddey.

During this time of the year, I generally park just a bit up on the hill. Anyone wishing to come down our driveway will see its blocked from the top of the hill.

I am hoping that the fella who does our plowing will be able to build a nice rock base and gravel on top of that. It has been 10 years since the hill has been done and probably 30 years since the lower driveway has been done.

If this mud season is extended, it will suck for us getting our heater fixed. I wouldn't allow anyone to come right now down to the house in a vehicle that doesn't have 4 wheel/all wheel drive. 

Until the ground settles, or until we get some more cold nights...

It is too



  1. We generally get "muddey" in April. The thing that may make me believe in a devil is our soil, the bit of hell on earth. Black clay. I've taken a header, face first when it sucked me in while I'm in forward motion. Bah

  2. Hopefully your heater people have a vehicle that can handle mud. You need heat! Gosh, it seems like it's been a long time.

    I galoshed my way to the pines with the labs yesterday. Had to walk through several slow running water areas to get there. The dogs were really missing their daily walk. Me too. Tank splish-splashed every chance he got. I had to rinse 8 mudday dog legs off in the wash stall, before letting them in the house.

    Guess we best get used to it.

    1. So far we have remained cozy. I doubt the motor has come in yet for the fan. I know the cost of the space heater[s] will be extra on our bill this month but we are warm.

      We are going to go see our neighbors' Mini Split tonight and hubby gets to be a little social! So I am looking forward to that.
      I wouldn't recommend the plumbing van to come down here at all right now. Next year though, we should be so much better off when I have the driveway redone.

      I went out and splashed some more today!

  3. We are not in muddey season yet...maybe soon... that is a really cute sign:)


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