Sunday, March 26, 2023

Just go for it

I had to get out and I knew that it was windy and chilly. However I know that I could avoid most of the harsh cold winds while hiking on the Reserve. Most of the trails go up through forests and down through valleys as that is the lay of the land around here.

I learned my lesson a few years ago while trying the first attempt at completing the Trail Challenge.

Don't wait for perfect weather. That doesn't exist. 

Don't wait for perfect conditions. --> See above.

Don't wait for others to arrange their schedules. That sounds harsh, however I have a bit more time and chances to go than other folks. I don't have family obligations since there are no family members left living in my geographical area. I have no children's schedules to work around.

Hubby is comfortable with taking a nap and binge watching TV as long as he has snacks available.

I announce my intentions and go for a couple of hours to refresh my brain.

I knew the trails would alternate between soft muddy spots, water covered areas from snow melt, icy, and snowy. But we were out of the wind and 40 degrees felt warm.

West Ridge Trail Section 22

To my surprise the first leg of the trail up the steep hill from Camp P didn't take very long. We arrived at Ma & Pa's trail faster than I expected. Charlie likes to set a fast pace and I get to keep up.

West Ridge and Ma & Pa's Trail

Ma & Pa's Trail, snowy and icy section 29:

Ma and Pa's Trail sunny and warm section!
Charlie and I stop for a snack.

We left Ma & Pa's Trail and travelled near Weister Creek along the old mule and equine trails from 30 years ago. The indentions are still there if you can spot them. The rock mini bluffs are incredible. The terrain can be demanding.

We found no Skunk Cabbage plants as the shaded areas below the bluff were still incased in ice and layers of snow.

We made to the end of the Ice Cave Loop which is now Section 26. 

This is the ice formation at the end of the loop or what is left of it now.

[Same spot 2 years ago in January when Bill and his grandkids went with me.]

My Happy Place -- is on the trail just above Weister. I could hang out on this ledge all day. It is so peaceful.

I've never gone on this trail late in the afternoon with this particular light. So I noticed that below the bluff there was a rock ledge in the deep water. One of the reasons why the Reserve doesn't recommend jumping off bluffs into the rivers. 
I was really surprised to be able to see it so clearly.

There. I did it. 
Sections 26, 29, and 22 marked off.


  1. The last photo is just amazing! I am glad you don't let life hold you back

    1. I was surprised when I glanced down. I've never seen that rock ledge before!

  2. Anonymous9:35 AM

    You are one tough cookie! Lori

    1. I just enjoy hiking so much! And I am lucky to have such a wonderful area to do it in.

  3. I agree, the last photo is amazing! You and Charlie make a perfect hiking pair.

    1. Seems I've always had a dog by my side while hiking, least for the past 19 years I have.

  4. At least you had areas of no snow!! Charlie is a real trooper!

    1. Yes, I was lucky that way, but a lot of the snow has melted.

  5. Great photos...nice tour...thank you.
    Many greetings to you. I wish you a happy week. Viola

  6. I am glad you just went for it and enjoyed a nice hike, discovering & reflecting!!


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