Saturday, February 19, 2022

More wooden model fun

Well, I had so much fun with the mannequin, I thought I'd sit down and try to think up another scenario or two. I had more phone calls to wait on. 

My cell phone does work, it doesn't get voice service inside the north portion of the house and rarely gets any service in the kitchen. It does receive texts and all the other good stuff. Just no voice service most of the time inside the house. We attribute that to living with hills surrounding our place and the steel roof.

I really had to work at thinking of things. I tried making paper flowers that would be tiny enough for the mannequin to hold. Boy was that ever a failure. Meanwhile, apparently little wooden dog got hungry and mannequin fed him.

I tried to get the mannequin in a nice sitting position, but it kept falling over. I wanted the tiny dog in his lap. That didn't work. Then I tried making a blanket and a pillow. 

That worked but I didn't like how the shot turned out. The color of the material I used took away from the feel I was trying to get.

I went to all white and tried this.

Bad dog. What happens when you let wooden fido get the mail!

I tried several positions and the light from the back door kept changing.

This was much harder than it looks! Light, shadows, and no distractions to take away from the subject matter. 
But it was a great mind exercise.


  1. I immediately thought the dog resembled Charlie (not that he would ever rip up your mail). What about recreating scenes based off of you & Charlie?? Just an idea.

    Great positioning, the emotion comes through.

  2. You doing a great job getting expressions from that model piece.

  3. I love that I can feel emotion from the wooden figure. Your phone woes remind me of early days of cell service at my house. My "kids", teens and 20's at the time, all had those new fangled flip phones. They would ring but to carry on a conversation they would have to step out on the front porch. For many years we referred to the front porch as the phone booth!

  4. so cute! Our cell phones have the same issue. Part of living away from the city, I guess.


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