Friday, March 26, 2021

Rainy Thursday and Funny Friday

Last year I signed up for the Master Naturalist Course which got cancelled. This year it isn't being held anywhere local. I'd have to drive one way for two hours to take and evening class. Um, that won't work in my situation. So. What else can I learn?

With a rainy cold day in store for us, I did a super duper [is duper a word?] closet clean out. Out with the old worn out beat up back pack[s] I had. Clothes that I wouldn't wear any more. A pair of old dress shoes, some outdated shirts. I could have saved the material for 'something' but decided to chuck it and not waste time. Frustration cleansing! 

I had a big enough load to nearly fill the back of the Outback. 

I had to wait for the electrician to show and the UPS delivery because the other half won't go outside to pick up the package or talk with the electrician. Buggers!

I decided to pull up some tutorials by Gavin Hoey a British photographer that I really enjoy watching. He is a portrait photographer by nature, but has some of the most fun and interesting tutorials. He is an Olympus Ambassador but his Live Tech stuff really applies to all types of photography. 
His videos in lock down were pretty funny. His wife kept making comments about how clumsy he was. Some of his very simple ideas were very fun. I watched High Key Still Life. Every time I watch a still life tech video, I want to buy soft box lights and a whole set up. But I don't. I just muck along with what I have. After all, I am not making money with my hobby.

Nothing inspiring here...but I had fun with it and added textures which is not very popular except with certain crowds. Just junk I had and tea towels for the white backround. 

Another inspiration. Actually this was what I was reading the other night with my head lamp.

Of course I had to have the forest dragons with me.
I used black material and felt from old sewing projects and just set things up on the table.

I watched a video regarding macro work and learned quite a bit. Now to see if I can take what I learned into the field. Some of the stuff I knew, but some of the tips were pretty good and very appropriate for using my EM-1 Mark iii. As always, I can revert to my pocket camera with the microscopic feature!

Friday was a Hang the No Trespass signs. The dude in back took down his trail camera. I plugged the purple penis with my .22 just for fun. Just as I predicted, squirrels were chewing on it.

Um. Yeah.
About the doll parts.
Why not?
This certainly would creep me out if I saw it in the woods.
Evil Grin.

I'm going to take the post pounder back there and put the fence back up. HIS trees fell on it. 
But I am a master at cobbling things back together. 


  1. Great sign, and those doll parts lol! Not sure what to say about your neighbors dildo handling...

    I could/should/would clean out our bedroom closet and get rid of my remaining office clothes I'll never wear again, but I always seem to find other things I would rather do. Feels great when you are done tho.

    1. The office clothes. Why did I keep suits from the 1990's until just a few years ago? Really? I wasn't going to be in any Chicago Board Room ever again. Smacks forehead.
      Oh that guy with the dildo? Since the camera is gone, I thought I'd smear peanut butter on it and the squirrels will chew it to pieces as well as the raccoon.
      Face it. I'm a bored turd.

  2. Oh I love your crazy bitch sign and the doll parts are a hoot! I wouldn't dare come on your land! Dogs...yes Charlie is mighty scary:) I need to do a closet thing too...:(

    1. I have one that says No Trespassing, We are tired of burying the bodies too.
      I'm putting that up on the driveway.

      The clothes thing? If I don't wear it for a couple of years, it needs to go. Old baggy zip sweats that are just old and icky, I kept them to wear for chores but never wore them! Out!

      That doll parts is creepier than the doll was. I'm thinking about the doll head. Hmmm.

  3. I love the creepy doll tree. Could you slice the front part of the head off so just the nose, eyes and forehead were coming out from the tree? :)

    1. What a wonderfully creepy idea!