Thursday, March 18, 2021

Quiet day

The Supervisor decided he needed to sit on hubby's lap and oversee his 'couch realm' today. He is definitely shows a preference to hubby.
I am just the slave to Charlie. I feed him, potty him, walk him, and tend to all non couch needs.

Charlie waits most mornings until Rich gets up before he gets up. 
During morning Imbd TV, Charlie rests with his head on Rich's leg.

Don't get me wrong, the dog loves his long walks. Yesterday we got a nice one in and Charlie got to chase two squirrels and one rabbit. 

He spent the afternoon snoozing next to The Boss. Rich has even allowed Charlie to occasionally take naps with him on the bed!

The afternoon...while the guys snoozed, I washed the stairs and peeled off the old butterfly stickers. I was ready for something different. I was going to leave them plain, but I like something on the stairs so it isn't all one color and to give the steps definition while running up and down them.

I'm a dork.

It was fun adding some cheer to the stairs. 
I think this summer I may repaint every other stair white. The paint I use is porch paint and it really holds up well to foot traffic and washes up nicely. 

IF I had my way, the walls in the house would not stay pure white. I would add color here and there. 

I brought in the rocking chair I have on the porch. I'd purchased it two years ago for about $5 dollars. I painted this chair last year with a few different bright cheery colors.

I was going to hand paint a design on it, but then decided to go with some of the leftover stickers I had.

It sits on the porch to greet folks as they walk up to the house.

I sit in the rocker often during the summer. Lazy afternoons are spent there reading or just day dreaming. Charlie has a rug I put on the bench and he sits on that so he can observe the yard from a higher perch.

My last thing of the day was to order fencing supplies to re do some of the mules' gates and add a third electric line for Mr. Pony Baloney and Goatie Goat to graze some problem areas. They cleaned up a hillside for me last summer so I have an area for the two of them to work on this year too. I have to replace some insulators in the woods where deer have gone through the lines and busted them.

Today? I pick up my new glasses! It will be nice to be able to see the distance again. Poor glasses may have been a big part of my continuous headaches over the past year.


  1. I need new glasses for driving at night, should make an appt along with dentist appts before too long...I wonder if things will stay open or go back to lockdown again?? I like your rocker! :)

    1. All the health care workers have had shots at my dental office and the eye doc and tech had theirs too. They were open about that. I wore a mask for the eye doc and the dental folks wore masks and shields. I'd say we won't go into a major lock down again, but I don't know now do I?
      I don't drive at night much more since I don't have to do those midnight shifts at the power plant anymore. Glare does bother older eyes like mine. Baby cataracts are forming for me.
      I love the rocker thanks. It is bright and cheerful!

  2. Ugh... I need glasses as well. I have been putting it off due to the pandemic nonsense AND the fact that I KNOW I will need bifocals... or some form of "show me the small stuff up close." Plus, I'm a frugal scrooge. My last trip cost me $500! ( from Sears!) Now.. is perfect eyesight really worth $500? Hmmm.. Maybe. Maybe to some people without coupons or some sort of promotional sale. But I will possibly wait until either that coupon magically appears in the mail. Or the pandemic ends... whichever happens first.

    1. Yes my eyesight is worth it. I have no insurance for eye exams or glasses but got a huge discount in paying the same day. My glasses with frames and progressive lenses [bifocals] were $300. However understand that I was born with vision issues and being the only driver, I needed to make sure I was safe and could see. I put it off because I don't like spending money, but then again...I do like seeing.
      Check out the places that give discounts for same day pay.
      I used to get my checkups and glasses at Walmart or Shopko and basically it ended up costing almost the same as going to an eye clinic.
      Weird for sure, but I can see textures in the branches and read signs! And see close up too!

  3. I love that photo of Charlie!! Sitting with ('er on) his preferred human. Tank loves my hubby Brad best too, even tho he was supposed to be my dog. In reality, Tank is anyones dog who will play in particular with wood of various sizes/toss some cherry tomatoes.