Thursday, March 25, 2021

Lights OUT

So just after chores the other night the power ... blam

went out.

I didn't get too excited because we have 'smart' meters. They notify the local electric company that the power is out and things get fixed. 
After about an hour, I texted my neighbor asking her if she was out. I had no internet, no land line [it sure makes a case for having a Hardwired phone and no wireless phone]. My cell phone was at almost nothing percent with no bars. 

Since I didn't hear back from the neighbor I started to walk up to the top of the hill to knock on there door. By this time ol' Grumpy was having fits. His mindset doesn't do well with things like no electric. They had power and she'd call it in for me.

I grabbed a headlamp and sat down to read a book. Grumpy started pacing and yelling. I should have called, I was wrong, why did it go out? How come? I explained the best I could that ALL technology had failed us at the moment. The Electric Company didn't get notified and we had no hard wire phone and the cell phone was useless unless I went to the ridge.

More yelling. I started reading wishing I had more battery so I could tune in Pandora. Hmmm. I could start the car and go charge up the phone, drive to the ridge and listen to music. 

"Lipstick Powder Horn Mushroom. Description: Fruiticose grayish or greenish slender, unbranched stalks arising from a finally scaled surface and topped with a blunt red tip..." I tore a scrap of paper and wrote on it:
Found March 23 in the morning midway up a hill on a mossy fallen oak log with 3 or 4 types of mosses mixed in. NW facing hillside--very shady in summer. No idea what all the different mosses are as of yet but will search the moss book.

[Photo taken but obviously not posted with no power]

Another note to self:
Look up a bit more info on macro and in camera stacking along with Helicon stacking. 

I got up to get a drink of water and there was more yelling. I was wasting water. I reminded Grumpy that we were on a shared well and the pump was up on the ridge and it had power so we did have water. 
Long ago I'd talked to a counselor regarding this sort of behavior. The best advice I ever got was to not think of him as the rational person I usually knew. But to call him in my mind Irrational Man. Really nothing I said or did would change Irrational Man's mind. 

I opened up a notebook and started to make a list of things I'd like to explore with photography this summer. Small things in particular. The nasty icky ugly weeds that grow. Fungi? Lichen? Mosses and Liverworts. Things close to the ground. Poison Ivy? Tick weed, wild parsnip, and hawkweed. 

Eventually two trucks slowly came down the hill. Vernon Electric. I walked out to talk with them. I kept my distance and the first guy checked the meter and then quizzically looked at me and opened up the box on the post next to the meter. 

"Here is the problem," he said and pointed his light at a switch. He pulled it down and then pushed it to ON. 
Apparently it is the original on off thingy that controls all the other thingies. 

"You might want to call an electrician and have him fix this. It is odd that its a 100 amp. It is old. Update it to a 200 amp." 
I shrugged and pointed out that I had no idea that box was something that was ours so I never touched it. I apologized for not knowing that but also was very relieved that this incident happened as we needed that box to be upgraded.

I suppose it was missed when we upgraded the house in 2016.

Grumpy was hovering when I came in. I explained to him about the box and that I'd call our electrician in the morning. 
He was calm and wanted to watch some TV. 

I marveled at how his mind worked. Crisis over and all was forgotten. I wanted to really get back at him in some way and remind him that he'd hurt my feelings. 

Irrational Man. It just works that way. 
Jake will be showing up in a few moments and I'll need to go back out. 

I asked Grumpy if he would be okay without power while Jake worked on the box.

Whaddya mean? 

He'd forgotten. 

Update sort of....
Don't feel bad for me, I'm used to this. Yes I was really upset at his inability to understand reasoning. I had to walk outside and stand for a while and take a few deep breaths. This is what a CareGiver does. Screaming back at him would not have made anything better.
I kept telling myself I was better than that. The worst part is not having a way to release the pressure. 

I so need to get back to CrossFit! Be well.


  1. I understand! You can scream in an email to me anytime. Just pointing out that he would have no way of getting the electrical problem solved on his own...he needs you....keep track of all these things:)

    1. I am making a list. I hadn't thought of that and I should have!

  2. Anonymous4:47 AM

    Yup, screaming doesn't help. Just because we are used to something doesn't make it any easier at the time it's happening. Soon you should be eligible for the vaccine and can hopefully see people again and maybe even socially distanced cross fit. Keep hanging on the best you can.

    1. I may be eligible for the vaccine in May? I am shy of the age group by months, and according to WI's website, I am too healthy. WI is open to those 16 and older with certain health conditions and obesity. The VA said they just opened up vaccines to ALL veterans and spouses but their site still has restrictions to just caregiver spouses.
      I toss up my hands.
      But at least for the moment I have my health!

  3. Ugh! I hope I never get like that. I tell Cheryl to push me off a cliff when the time comes. He reminds me Of a close Friend of the Family. As he got older, he stared failing and lost a leg to diabetes. He was always a very active outdoors man. The missing leg slowed him down a little, but eventually he had wild mood swings. And a few moments later, he would be fine. Frustrated, would be the term I would use. He would get frustrated and take it out of Flo ( his wife) but after the problem was fixed, he would go back to normal. ( and forget to apologize to Flora, who never asked for one. ) A different age back then... People knew how to deal with their spouse without lawyers or frying pans.

    1. There are a lot of health brain issues he has and since I've dealt with his mom her last few years ... she had dementia and other issues, I've learned that their damaged brains don't work like normal. So something that upsets the apple cart can be like a train wreck.
      I hope others get a sense of what it is like to live with someone with mental health issues.

      LOL. We always said 'Leave me in the woods when I get nutty !' Same thing!
      My frying pan would break if I wacked anyone with it! Have a great weekend!

  4. Well, crap!! For whatever it is worth, I think you are handling your Caregiver challenges very well. Just because you are used to it, doesn't make it easier. Don't hesitate to get a hold of me if you want to talk/vent, I am here for you. It sounds like what helps most is a physical outlet. Maybe consider setting up a circuit of sorts? When things go south, you can work the hell out of it. I read your comments, hard to believe you do not qualify for a vaccination yet. Shame on the system for not recognizing Caregivers. I know you are honest. Maybe under the circumstances your doctor can help get you qualified? Also, I heard from a friend smaller vaccine sites don't always have enough people scheduled and let anyone get vaccinated so the shots don't go bad. Unfortunately, no where around here. Might be worth checking around. Just a thought. Hang in there!

    1. The system does recognize caregivers but there is a vetting that goes along with it. I have to re apply and be re-vetted for VA consideration. I'm looking into the leftover vaccine option and as always remaining careful.