Saturday, May 27, 2017

Old Dogs/ Old Men

My husband does not think he is old.
Morris does not
he is

I found a bell for Morris to wear. It is very loud and obnoxious. I will try and get a shot of him with the bell and collar at some point.
But! I can hear him from afar with it on!
I was making a lot for Bob so he can get out of the mud and Morris proceeded to go around the old garage and out of sight. I could hear him though. He gleefully dug up a rabbit nest and was able to locate him easily.

Rich over did things yesterday. While I was working with the heart monitor tech and then on the phone again with the Medtronics tech, he unloaded small squares of bales off the truck.
I know. I tried to help him and he got angry.

"I am not Crippley!"
Sometimes it is best to let 'the patient' find their own limits.
And sometimes not.

After lunch Rich took a nap and I worked on my east side garden next to the house. For fun this year I've am using some ugly buckets and even an old aluminum tea pot as planters for some flowers. When the flowers come into full bloom they offset the ugly. I may spray paint a garish yellow plastic pot I have into something else.
It is fun being creative without spending any money.

The techs and I never did solve the heart monitor issue. However I may decide that taking 'readings' somewhere else may just work.
I took a reading when Rich said he felt dizzy.
He was more upset about not being able to move his truck and park it than anything else. He said he was worthless.

I assured him he was not worthless. I put myself in his shoes and try to see it from his perspective. I am pretty sure that I'd be much the same way if I were in his shoes.

Of course I said old dogs and old men, but I should have included old women in that title.

But who admits to getting older?

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