Thursday, May 04, 2017

Morel hunting by ... Morris

Well Morel hunting! I'll be switched. I am the expert.

Not really. I just like going to the woods any time.

There is so much to smell and pee on. Whoops. Was I supposed to say that?
I mean come on. Everyone knows a male dog sniffs and then pees on things. That is how we leave a comment.
You all have email. Or you can do the "Like" thing.

She said something about hunting for those funky looking mushrooms. Sigh.
It means lots of slow walking. I try and make Her think I am not okay with that when in truth I am.
It gives me more time to investigate things at my own pace.

She gave out a little ohhhh and an ahhhh when She ducked into the underbrush.

She found a small group of grey morels.

Then she sighed and sat back on her heels. I started eating some grass and gagged a bit. She looked at me, then her eyes widened.

"More Morels, Morris!" I looked down. Indeed, I was standing next to them.

She happily picked them and stuck them in the bag she was carrying. I tried to recall if I'd peed on the area.
Hmmm. Probably not, the mushrooms weren't wet.

However She did pat me on the head and tell me what a good boy I was for finding them.
I was just eating some grass. But hey, I'll take the credit. Perhaps she would find a dog cookie for me later.

You should watch her when She is looking for these odd things. I mean I see no value in them at all. However She gets all excited.

I'd rather find rabbit pellets or deer droppings. Less tasty in the spring than they are frozen. Now...that is a treat!

She walked on, crouching and peering and looking all serious like.

I laughed at Her.
She thought it was a yawn.
Does this look like a Yawn?

all giddy She walks up to this tree and says, "A new mushroom tree!"

Oh Lady, you seriously need some help.

Then She plucks another Morel from the forest floor.

Well I will be gobsmacked. She found another one and since I was standing near, I got the credit again.

Hey Lady, cookies! I stare at her trying to drill the mind melding thought of dog cookies into her head.

She just gets up and we head towards home. She mumbles something about getting just enough for a taste.

We climb down and across the creek and use the rope to walk up the steep bank. Well...SHE uses the rope. I scamper ahead with visions of treats awaiting me at home for being such a great little dog.

The End.
And yes.
I got a treat.

And yes, She says we'll go again in a couple of days.

Until then.
Happy Hunting.

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