Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Let's Go Fencing!

Plastic bags mark the division

I have always been one to advocate smaller pastures to rotate with. It just makes sense. At the moment I need to move some mules to woods pasture and cut the cost of feeding them hay until a buyer is found.

I had a crew out to help me 7 days after Rich's stroke. We didn't get to this dividing line. So I worked on it yesterday.
Good Neighbor Justin came down and did the heavy work with the T-posts. I am grateful to have such good people living near me. Justin also offered to mow our yard. His mower and ours are nearly exactly the same.
He has my yard mowing blessings.
At least it takes a bit of pressure off from me this week.

I need to get back out this morning and see why the line fence hot wire is not working. I have some clues, but need to figure it out. It takes a lot of walking and backtracking with a fence tester.
But when the project 'goes live', we will have 5 rotating pastures, plus the meadow at this point. I won't run out of pasture at all this year after we downsize the equine.

It is beautiful out there in the pasture.

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