Thursday, October 21, 2010

Putting it together

When my father died there was really only two things I wanted. One was the 'ugly' Hawai'ian shirt that I recalled he got in our first visit to Hawai'i.

The second thing was his music. I knew he loved the CD's that he had with something he called Slack String Guitar and IZ...and some miscellaneous CD's of music.

Today as I was putting together some music to go with a slide show of our recent trip I pulled out Dad's old CD's, not sure what I was going to find.
I had listened to them before, but had not given the music much thought.

Today I listened and began to appreciate the taste my father had in his music. The world of Hapa, Slack String Guitar, and IZ ...opened my ears and my heart.
I found a purpose and a love for his music.

I think I got the greatest gift of all...
his music.

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