Saturday, October 02, 2010

Hawai'an Adventures

Advice if you are traveling to the Big Island?

Go with an adventurous attitude. Don't be afraid to stop and smile and talk to those around you, whether they be Hawaiian or not.

Take that difficult hike.

S-L-O-W down and enjoy.
Do stop and smell the orchids, they are sweet.

Wiggle your feet in a black sand beach.

Climb a tree..
Be silly and act like a kid...

Sit down and watch a sunset over the ocean with no distractions...


  1. You've covered most of the important things in life in just this post! Glad to see that you are making the very most of this trip. Safe travels.

  2. I am MJ. Today we check out of our house and have to kill some time [good part of the day] the beach where Dad and I loved to sit and watch surf.
    What a good journey this has been.