Monday, October 11, 2010

One Man's Junk is..

..another man's prize!

I got home from Hawai'i and my husband was ecstatic over an auction he'd gone to a couple of days before.
*Honey, do you want to go with me to help me load the trailer?*

He began telling me about all the really good 'stuff' he'd gotten for a real good price.
[My husband loves auctions, is not a good idea to let him go alone!]

Of course I agreed. I'd go with him and help him load up his flatbed trailer.
Some of the 'really good stuff' consisted of pieces of metal. Steel, iron pipes, angle iron, brass, and aluminum ~~ all these words literally cooed out of my husband's mouth as he showed me the prize possessions he'd ended up with.

I saw a pile of junk.
He did however explain to me what the price of scrap metal was good and I began to wonder if perhaps he did get a good deal on his 'stuff'.

Now I just have to convince him to separate the 'stuff' and get it to the scrap yard!

Note to self:
Don't let hubby go to auctions when no one is watching him!


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