Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Coming Home

It is a hard thing to return home after a long trip.

Some people say that they 'can't wait' to get back home.
Not me.
Not from Hawai'i.

I was surprised as I drove the last few miles up the gravel road into the setting sun. The colors were quite nice, actually beautiful.
But it didn't strike my heart quite that way.

I had a husband and Morris, a mule...and other animals waiting to greet me.
But this last trip had done something to me.

Perhaps now I can understand with definite certitude why my father wished he could be in Hawai'i forever.
Pipe dream, I suppose.

Reality bites.
My husband was ecstatic to see me. As was Morris.

I am slowly re-acclimating to Wisconsin.
The cold does not please me.

I miss the ocean, the musical sound of the heavy surf pounding against the rocks.

I long for the smell of salt air and brine.

I feel as though I left a small part of me there.

Back to business.
I have a life to run.


  1. Two different worlds ... both are very special in their own way. I'm sure that you will go back and breathe in the island warmth again someday. I'm very glad that you have such good memories of this last trip, and welcome back.

  2. Memories are worth so much, it is something impossible to purchase ....


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