Thursday, October 07, 2010

Horseback Rider Harassed by Motorcyclists

I'm not going to go into all the details. But this happened to a friend of mine.

Many of my blog followers are horse or mule people and I'd like to hear your opinions or outrage.

My friend was riding her horse and crossing a county road to rejoin the State trail on the other side of the road.
Motorcyclists [not Harley nor SiverWing types...more your 'crotch rocket types'] came up on her.

She tried to signal them to slow down or ease up and tried to get her horse into a field or to a distant trail out of harms way.
The motorcyclists rode up alongside of her keeping her on the road [the other side of the road is a rock outcropping].

As the horse got more frantic, they revved their engines and goaded her and her horse.

She recalls looking at the motorcyclist beside her...he gunned his engine to a screaming whine and stayed right beside her.

Her next memory is of a Park Ranger kneeling over her. She had landed in the oncoming lane of traffic and a bunch of Harley riders had stopped. They called the accident in and had caught her horse.

Had she not been riding with a helmet and safety vest, they told her as they had to Flight for Life her...she would have died.

Yes, we need to ride with others, but I am a lone rider too. Thankfully all of her emergency contacts were in her trailer [she was going to put a copy in her horn bag but hadn't].

This news infuriated me.
Outraged me.
Thankfully my friend is alive and recovering after a week in the hospital.

...and who pays the bills?
Who were these people?
Why did they do it?

I cannot answer the question~~ Was this avoidable? ~~ Because I was not there.

I am really angry.
I am riled.
I am in short, very very pissed...
I can only offer support and help to my friend as she recovers.


  1. I have never heard of such behavior from motorcycle riders. It's been my experience that they behave just the opposite ... not that I haven't had some close-calls and unintentional encounters with them. It's never a good thing.
    Is there any way to find out who these guys were? I would say that this was a case of reckless endangerment, or even assault with a deadly weapon. I just can not imagine what would provoke something like that ....What could they have been thinking?? I'm mad too.

  2. The Park Ranger is also a full time Deputy Sheriff for our county. There is an investigation going on of course.

    Lots of buzz on a local board for anyone who may know of these folks or hear bragging as such often occurs.

    They probably thought it was funny until she hit the road.
    Then ran like hell.

  3. If the motor cycle idiots called the police, they should have a record of who made the call. They should be arrested! Period!

    I hope your friend sues their butts right off their bodies.

    Sorry about this...hope her horse is ok too.

  4. Lori, other motorcyclists stopped and helped her not the ones who harassed her.

    It is being investigated.


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