Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Diggin' It

Machinery, big heavy machinery.
Equipment to move the earth.

Big Cat.
John Deere 650H.

It moves things.
Guys just love these things. I think my husband is seriously 'lusting' after our friend's John Deere.

I know Morris is.
I caught him 'piloting' the big rig this afternoon. His gaze far off into the distance, the fall winds blowing his ears straight up as if he were actually going somewhere!

What he would give to get a ride on this piece of equipment!

Oh what joy for a Jack Russell Terrier!

Our driveway needed work after the wicked bouts of heavy rains we had this summer. Our friend was already doing dozer work for the neighbors at the top of the hill so we asked him to make a 'hill' road through our upper woods and perhaps the back woods so we could get the skid steer through the forest to repair some heavily damaged fence lines.

I can say up front that I wasn't actually thrilled over 'making' a 'road'. But after going back and walking the trail today with Morris, I must admit.
It was awesome!
How nice to literally be able to run down the hill like a child! [in my Vibram FiveFingers of course]
What a great exercise course!
Now I can race down to the creek in record time and explore further in less time.

The temptation to take the 'hill road' all of the time must be put aside so I can leisurely explore our woods as usual.


  1. And It's amazing how quickly (2-3 years at most), it can all be overgrown again ... like no one was ever there.
    So, are you guys going to go buy Morris a Dozer?

  2. No I doubt Morris will get a Dozer, but I can see my husband enjoying running it.

    Interesting though, that path is now a major deer trail!

    I think we'll be able to keep a trail open with the skid steer!