Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Future of Books?

Say it isn't so!
I hear people ranting and raving about their new kindle readers which are so handy...they can download books and carry them with them in a handy little tablet.

I like reading a paper back or a hard cover book. I like simply tucking in a piece of paper to mark my progress on a book.
I like to collect books from favorite authors and keep them...forever. Much to the disdain of my husband who is not an avid reader.

I suppose I could make an arguement for e-books. Heck, I suppose I could have as many as 100 books on a little e-book thingy.

I'll bet it wouldn't survive long out in a tree stand on a cold day [shhh, don't tell anyone that I take a paper back out with me while hunting!]
A regular book can be dropped, stepped on, used to sit on, have coffee spilled on it...and yet be read and transferred or shared with another and passed on endlessly.

Can you do that with a Kindle or one of those other electronic books?
Can you imagine a world without children's books?
I know my children had their favorite bed time story books. I could read the story over and over. My kids, or dogs, chewed the edges of the books. The most favorite books were tattered and worn from being slept with, stepped on, tossed in the toybox with trucks and what nots.

I think I still have the book titled 'Just Go To Bed' by Mercer Meyer. I loved that book as a mom and still love it.
When I hold it, it brings back fond memories of putting my boys to bed and reading the story over and over to my youngest son.

For me? I may resist the e-book craze and stick to the old fashioned books. I like the smell of a new book. I like that I can never worry that a book will have to be re-charged to read.

I am old fashioned perhaps.
But heck, I like the heft of a good book and the satisfaction of closing the cover, slowly when I've finished a great novel.

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