Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Gone Ridin'

One Mule + One JRT + A nice day = Nice Ride.

Badger has been struggling with his Equine COPD the past week. It has been remarkably dry and dusty here this October.

His respirations were good today, plus Badger seemed just plain bored, so we saddled up and headed for an easy quiet ride in the woods.
...with Morris of course.

Easy, because when we climbed hills, he stopped [as a sensible mule would] and caught his breath.
Quiet, because we just ambled along looking at what the fall foliage brought to us. The leaves are down, and so we are able to see long distances in the forest.

I stopped more than once, just to sit and look at the beautiful sky and take in the crisp fall air.
This is what I love to do to relax.

Morris had to have his moment in the saddle. Badger was patient as ever, allowing him to crawl all over the saddle...then allowing me to mount up with Morris squirming around.
We went to the back valley and just sat for a while by the creek and listened to the water run over the rocks.
It was quite pleasant.
Morris enjoyed a 'romp' through the creek while Badger enjoyed some lush grass.
We rode...we enjoyed...


  1. There's absolutely nothing wrong with slowing down the pace ... for whatever reason. Reminds me of some old dog walks that I thoroughly enjoyed with Maggie. It gives us time to appreciate the little things that we might otherwise miss. So good to see Badger out and about.

  2. Yes slow and laid back are a good thing...we go at Badger's pace and he knows how he can handle it..


  3. I can't wait for the day I can follow in your footsteps...er, hoofprints?...and enjoy a liesurely jaunt through the woods on one of my mules.
    Gotta get that pesky buddy sour issue under control first!


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