Friday, October 08, 2010

Home is where the woods are...

When I got groceries on my first day back from Hawai'i, one of the first things I did was to stop by Walmart and by myself the most hideous colored pocket camera for CHEEP. I even added $3 for a one yr warranty of breakage or malfunction.

I think that will insure that I will never lose or break this camera!

[My previous Sanyo Cheepo croaked in Hawai'i on the first day...but to its credit, I took nearly 4 thousand photos and videos with it in 4 months! The lens quit working and the metal ring around the lens fell off.

I destroyed the LCD on the Pentax is supposed to be indestructible but perhaps the Pentax folks ought to talk with me and design something tough enough to last a year with me?

Anyway, the golden sun was beautiful, the temps were beautiful.
Morris and I slid off into the woods for a look-see.

The Rose Hips are abundant and will provide for many photo ops:
We have mostly yellow maples around here and it was a delight to see them on the floor and above us bathed in golden light:
Rocks and moss always fascinate me. I did a 3 exposure shot of this ... testing out the pink camera or ugly camera as I shall call it from now on.
I turned out rather well.
...and lastly, a group of glorious Wildflowers, the Woodland Asters, shot...cropped...and slightly edited:
The leading photo of course is 'painted' with Topaz Simplify. I think it added a bit of beauty and atmosphere to the shot.
But of course, that is only my opinion.

It is nice to be home and enjoying fall while it lasts.

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  1. Welcome home! That camera seems to work pretty darn well!