Saturday, October 23, 2010

New Adventure Coming Soon...

The Big Snow coming soon. With Morris, Crazy Squirrel, Happy Hedgehog, and introducing for the first time ... Tiger [who thinks he is a snow Leopard].

The Big Snow:

*“Morris…,” the name was whispered. “Morrrr-issss.”

Morris opened his eyes. Crazy Squirrel, one of this toys was whispering at him from the toy basket in the corner.


“Do you want to go out and play?” Crazy asked.

Morris rolled over on his side in front of the living room heater.
“I always want to go outside and play,” he said, “but it is snowing outside right now.”

“Snow?” piped up Happy the Hedgehog who was Crazy’s best friend. “What’s snow?”

Morris sat up and looked at his toy friends. He could smell an adventure coming up.

“Well snow is um,…snow is winter rain sort of. It comes down in the winter and it is sometimes fluffy, cold, and tastes like water. It falls out of the sky. It covers the ground and makes it turn white.”

“Let’s go see it,” said Crazy. “I want to see snow!”*


  1. Oh boy a new adventure, I can hardly wait! btw, Is that this year's snow?

  2. No MJ it is last year's February Snowfall!