Wednesday, October 26, 2022



I have a standing 'date' so to speak with a young mom who also works full time. We meet on Tuesdays and go for a walk. 

This time we went back to the Mason Land. I'm not sure why it is called that, perhaps because someone named Mason may have owned it. The land was passed down through family ties. Anyway, it is there and we went back to it today.

We just walk and brush bust and look for interesting things. We wander in the woods, collecting burrs on our clothes and ducking branches. 

We were searching for fungi after the rain we had yesterday. And we found some. Mostly it was either dried up stuff or tiny little fungi blooming in the moisture from the rain.

There was an old chair we found tipped upside down at the base of an old towering oak tree. I flipped it over and proclaimed it to be Olive's new Remote Work Office.

She gave me a look and then laughed and sat in the chair and posed like this:

I told her that I loved to find old chairs that hunters have left in the woods for selfies. Why not? 

[Years before those fancy fold up hunting chairs were invented, hunters brought out old metal chairs and set them in the woods. Heck, that may have even been before tree stands were invented! Tree Stands? I have my own opinion on them...but I won't write about it here. I wrote about THAT in 2010 A Hateful Woman or Stupid Man Invented Tree Stands.]

Here I am in my New Office:

Yeah, in case you are wondering, we don't wear our good clothes while rummaging through the wild woods. 

Good conversation and laughter are things we both need. She as a young mom and a hard worker, me? Well,... you know me.

We take this time once a week to goof off for about an hour or so. 

We explore. Laugh. Point out strange and odd things.

We found Yellow Fairy Cup Fungi:

Witch's butter:

Woods Ear or Amber Jelly Roll:

Shaggy Scaly Caps:

The little Lego dude says -- don't eat this!

We found lots of these mainly on Boxelder Trees.

Fungi we found that was neat but I couldn't ID it at all. 
Not Chicken of the Woods:

We did find Hen of the Woods.
I cannot believe I didn't photograph it, but I was distracted by the amazing scene and took photos of the oak that had Hen of the Woods at its base. Maybe because the fungi was old and dried up and...well, looked just nasty!

This rock formation looks like a granite pile of huge rocks. Almost like the earth below thrusted it up in the middle of the woods.
Olive and I want to come back and explore the rocks one day. 

Both of us have to admit that a little bit of outdoor play time or forest time is essential for a good state of mind.
A little shinrin-yoku goes a long way.

Shinrin-yoku is the Japanese saying for Forest Bathing or simply immersing yourself in nature for your health.


  1. Forest bathing!! Nice name we used to call it our woods fix:) WE both love the woods and now live in them:) Nice chair photos and your fungi are so interesting!

    1. Yes, the Woods Fix is what always called it too. But funny how this is a 'new' -- not so new -- idea.

  2. Sounds like a great regular get together.

    1. It is for the both of us. Thank you.

  3. You both look right at home in your remote office! I will admit to you that I have never gone into the woodland on my own property. I'm not comfortable in that kind of space. I do, however, enjoy it through you.

    1. I was brought up doing this stuff as a kid, the 100's of acres between my Grandparent's house and my Uncle's Farm were all a playground to us. We often spent a good part of the day in the woods but always within ear shot of my mom's car horn.

      She'd honk 3 times and we had to come running.

      I'm glad you enjoy it.

  4. You guys found a lot of appropriately named fungi. Weekly play dates full of fun in the woods, very fitting for you!

    1. I think adults need play dates too!

  5. It was a fun adventure. Being spontaneous with a good chair in the woods. Your lego creatures are having a good time too.


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