Thursday, December 19, 2019

So I tried painting....

This is where things started...

This is where things got messy. Too much 'stuff' to try and do and not enough time to just relax.  Husband kept interrupting and telling me I had a mess.

So I splattered paint on it .. dripped paint on it, then took some black and took a few swipes.

And then decided that my Picasso days were never going to happen....

I turned to digital.

I took this....

And did this.....

Then tried this...ewwwww....

And ...

Then went to a digital program that allowed me to pick some effects and combined that with Painter Essentials that auto painted. I blended the effects and got this.

Yup. I can live with this.

I have no talent with abstract painting or real painting, but sure can have fun with DeepDream, Digital Paint Essentials, and Topaz Impressions!

I like this. I'd even put it on my wall. So cheery and much nicer than the mess I created.

But I am willing to try it again.

I also doodled in fractals and made a Christmas Fractal:

Okay, I made two versions. Mandebulb 3D mixed with Incendia.

I think I'll stick to painting fun and funky chairs instead of canvases!

Happy almost Winter Solstice!


  1. Mess? What mess? I like your painting! It reminds me of sitting in the end of the dock looking into the water and watching the minnows swim around. I also like the digital art, but the hidden faces are a bit spooky. :).

    1. I'm better at messing around with art than messing with engines!

  2. I am not a painter either but I like to try! Your photo art is wonderful...that one that looks like it is quilted is my favorite:)

    1. I like that one too, but the last one is my fav so far.