Monday, December 16, 2019

I'm staying busy.

I finally got out some Christmas cards and addressed a few. Hmm. I have searched high and low for my address book.

I must have put it in a very safe place, right? I have a lazy way of keeping addresses. I keep the envelopes rubber banded together and around the address book. But where did I put them?
Oh I have no idea!
So how embarrassing is it to email or text someone to ask for an address?

I am hiding my head now. Shame on me!
I wrote a few notes in some of the cards and I actually wrote a nice long letter to my Aunt far and away up North. She lost my Uncle a just over a year ago. I did get to see him a year before he passed. He may have aged in 30 years, but he did not lose one ounce of character.

The temperatures were -3 this morning when I went for a quick hike to the creek just after dawn. I left Charlie inside. Believe it or not, there was mist coming up off the creek in spots where springs are feeding it.

I came up into the pasture and bright morning sun. And decided to try the Microscope Mode on the little red camera.

Can you just see me now? Laying on the grass in front of a patch of snow. Nose to the ground trying to get some sort of focus on a piece of beautiful frozen water???

Yep, that's me. Funny, that the camera even told me what the temperature was when I took the photo. That is wayyyy cool.

Well then. I haven't gotten a Christmas Photo of Charlie yet. I did one every year with Morris for the last 7 years of his life.
The first two shots are with the Little Tough Camera.

Not looking at the camera ... no I won't.

Cookies please? I will not work without cookies!

Oh bother.

...oh sigh Rich!!! Rich! Come and tell her to stop! Really? What is the Gnome on the head all about???

Oh goodness. Let this be OVER soon!

I may not get a good shot of him this year. He is a great little model but dislikes the flash. Perhaps we'll try one more time outside?

Tomorrow I'll post some shots I took this morning early in the creek. I was able to kneel down on the rocks and really get to look at the frost that developed overnight on the oak leaves and rocks.
No goat to nibble on my hat! Or Charlie to walk into the frame!

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  1. Well those snowflake shots are excellent! You are almost selling me on that camera...I do have a macro lens and a thing to get real close up but I hardly ever use it...extension tube that is it! My daughter got a great shot of a snowflake on her go look on your vehicle!! Charlie is cute even when he is not cooperating :)