Monday, December 30, 2019

Stuck inside

Well, I am but by choice.

There was this big HUGE ice storm that was supposed to make the roads dangerous this morning. Didn't happen, which I am grateful for, but I planned ahead for it. I decided to make chocolate chip cookies and homemade stew on Monday while the storm rage ON outside.

Did my supply shopping early. Came home with the sun out and the temperatures at 50 degrees. Wow!
I thought twice about pulling up next to the house.

I should have thought 3 times about that.
Warm weather pulled the frost out of the top 3 inches of soil. I pulled into a gushy soft area.
Oh crap.

I unloaded and then we talked a bit about the weather. Rich said I should go ahead and back it into the big shed. I replied that I thought the ground was too gushy mushy for that.
Never mind. I thought I'd try it nice and easy. I was able to back up a bit but as soon as I hit the real soft spot, the Subaru just started slowly edging sideways.
Nothing worse than gooey mud.
I wrangled my way out of the goo and parked down the driveway next to the horse trailer.

I left huge ruts which I tried to stomp down. I didn't do a very good job.

I plan on having the lower driveway redone next year. New base, new gravel.

During the spring thaw, I can't park in this area at all. Yesterday was just like that except in December.

There I go not thinkin' again!
Just like this morning when I made a pot of coffee and wondered why it wasn't working?
One needs to add water.

I think I need to have a 'Time Out'.
Can someone stick me in a corner and let me sit and read?


  1. Yup, definitely time for a time out to sit and read, or just sit. :). That time in a corner or by the creek has so many healing benefits. It feels like March here so I understand about the spring thaw. The wind is raw while everything is melting and freezing at night - lots of ice.

  2. Go to the corner! Enjoy your warm temps I would:)

    1. I did! And I spent a few hours reading a book!