Wednesday, December 25, 2019


Not your normal Christmas theme, but hey why not?

While dealing with my MIL and her dementia and other health issues, I've discovered that happiness is not necessarily 'stuff' or getting gifts or things accumulated.

Two of the happiest days I've had this past month have been days that I did something for someone else.
The day I Christmas Cards with my MIL.

And then yesterday, opening more cards with her and then going back to her room to take all the cards off the bulletin board and look through them again.

I moved her tiny tree into the sunlight and we admired how the snowflakes reflected the light.

I moved the snow man around and put her tiny Santa Teddy Bear on her night stand next to her candy.

And then I put the cards and photos back on the bulletin board.

She announced that she was ready for a nap and I helped her to bed and covered her up.

I asked if I could give her a hug and she said, "Off course!"

When I got home I told Rich that I'd had the best Christmas present ever and he asked what I meant.

I said, "A bit of Happiness, brought on by making your mother smile today."

And I realized something. That hour of doing for someone else was exactly the type of feel good gift I was looking for.

It touched that part of my brain that spread a bit of glow all around me for the afternoon.

There is no physical gift that could ever give me that same feeling.
And I gave it to myself by sharing.

Now time to make coffee.

Find some happiness today.

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