Friday, February 15, 2008

Grandma! A 4 yr old's conversation....

My grandaughter who is 4 got on the phone tonight. Her mom was busy with her little brother and so Miss A. had me all to herself.
It went something like this:

*Grandma, we are going to have a play day when it gets nicer. You can come down and see me but call first to make sure my brother is taking a nap. Then go to Great Grandma's and pick her up and drive very fast to my house. If you get a ticket tell them to make it a 'prize ticket'. But hurry so I don't have to wait forever.*
[She is 2.5 hrs from me!]

*We will play in the sandbox and then take a walk over to there...[pause on the phone while she points to me] and then we can come back and maybe have a picnic at the bottom of my hill. I will ask momma to make us a picnic in her basket.*

I ask-- Will momma join us?

*Oh no, momma has chores to do in the house and my brother has to nap.*

I ask--Who will make the picnic?

*Momma will make the picnic and we will have it in her basket and then we will use your blanket, do you have a blanket? [I say yes] Then we will play in the sandbox and maybe go for a walk. But you have to hurry and get here when my brother is sleeping.*

I ask--What about Grandpa Rich and Great Grandma?

*They can stay in the house and talk. We can play.*

I think to is -10 degrees outside and my grandaughter and I are making summer plans.


*Then grandma when we get hot or tired we can go in my room and play. Then you can go home. But you should stay overnight.*

Oh yeah.
I love it!

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  1. This put a huge smile on my face. :) What fun she is! At least she has everything planned down to her baby brother's nap. LOL! That seems like the most important part. Baby brothers MUST stay out of the way!

    I hope that I'm lucky enough to have lots of grandkids one day. Brooke says she hopes to have her first child when she's around 27 so that gives me at LEAST six more years to wait. *sigh* ;)