Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Cool as all get out...

I just got an email confirmation that the National Weather Service is going to use a photo similar to this one to put on their Valentine's Day Snowstorm Summary!
I guess I'm pretty tickled.
I get my name on the photo but no big prize. I just thought what the heck I'd submit a photo and see what transpires.

Tomorrow I see the head of the clinic that I'm going to do my internship at. I have a feeling I'll be doing much of the jobs that he has openings for. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

One last hurdle for this week is my Final Exam in the Medical Office Class [no biggy]--and my Final Speech for Speech class.
The flu is hitting our area hard so coming up with healthy bodies is looking like a challenge. Of course having it at my house requires 4 wheel drive...and that is tricky at best.

So okay...just concentrate on the good things! ...and take a great big breath. This old gal isn't used to all this excitement.

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