Sunday, February 17, 2008

Beautiful, dangerous ice.

The sun was shining went I drove up our hill and out of our driveway. My one neighbor to our west and I had talked last night and she'd said that the road in front of her house was awful,..terrible, drifted in and even though it had been plowed when our local sheriff's deputy had gotten stuck Sunday was still nasty.
I decided to head into the valley and drive up to Viroqua using the state highway.
No pictures! My knuckles were white, I didn't dare do anything to take away my concentration on our backroads of glass.
The trees glittered, literally blindingly glittered in the sunlight. Oh how I longed to find a spot to pull over and take some fantastic shots.
there was no place to stop. Stopping meant that I may not have gotten going again!
The road looked like glass, frosted glass. Any fast move and I would be sitting in a ditch.

But oh the sight, it literally took my breath away.

And tonight they are calling for snow. Lovely white snow.
2-4 inches.
What we call a 'dusting' now-a-days.

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