Saturday, February 23, 2008

Hiking and Donkeys

The sun was bright and the air was so warm, I didn't wear my coveralls, just a sweatshirt and a light jacket with my sport pants [nylon pants lined with sweat pant material]. I put on my snow shoes and started off on a great adventure.
It was 25 degrees with no wind. But the sun felt so incredibly warm, it was delightful. And yes, I forced Morris to come along. I scooped him up and tucked him under my arm and then dropped him into the snow when we got on top of the ridge.

Morris survived the hike better than I did, the warmth of the sun made me hot! I took off my gloves and hat. Hiking hatless and gloveless in February. Of course I think the snow being knee deep even with snowshoes on had something to do with it.

Morris and I found that taking deer trails were easier than making our own...
There was no action down at the creek so I headed back home.

This afternoon I started 'working' with our pregnant donkey, Princess. She has an inside 'stall' that will keep her out of the weather when she gives birth. After she foals I plan on starting her under saddle.
Princess will not allow Morris in her pen unless I am with him. After today she allowed Morris to sit on her back. Okay not a great feat, but when you think about the fact that normally a donkey will kill a coyote or strange dog...allowing a quivering Jack Russell on your back is a major step in the trust area.
I don't train my equine like the gurus do. I work on trust first then we go to work on the rest.
I find this makes an animal more reliable when under saddle.
Stay tuned for more donkey and mule tidbits. I hope to get our Peruvian mule out tomorrow and get her in the round pen for a learning session.

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