Thursday, February 21, 2008

Oh oh...something fun!

On a whim I sent a photo of the Valentine's Day Storm from last week to our local National Weather Service in LaCrosse. I'm very tickled to say that they used it for their '2008 Valentine's Day Winter Storm'!!!

Click Here to see the picture. You can also see the photo by clicking on it. It was pretty exciting for me at least.

Yesterday I tried to take a walk in the woods just to take a look at the ice that is still on the multi-flora rose bushes. I was nearly hip deep in snow!
Morris followed in my tracks and then decided to venture out on his own.
He got stuck.
He would have become a pupcicle if I didn't help him out.
He doesn't want to go with me in the woods right now but is happy to run up and down the driveway and the beaten down footpaths in the yard.
Until we have a melt, he may have to stay home and not accompany me on my walks.


  1. Anonymous10:12 AM

    NICE JOB! with the Morris movie. You are really getting good with your editing.

  2. It was pretty easy actually. I needed some creative 'down time' and this was the result.