Saturday, February 09, 2008

Out and about...

I think the snowshoeing is building great strength in my legs. I know it makes Morris very happy and tires him out. Most of the time he tries to walk on top of my snowshoe backs in the very deepest of snows.
The first picture is of him following a 'game' trail. I think we were following a well used coyote and other small critter trail along the bottom of the creek.

Today was nice actually the winds had not yet started and the snow held off until I got home. I think I could have wandered about all day if I'd packed a lunch.
We came to one area that always gives me a strange feeling...and it did today also. A friend of ours had died a in a 4 wheeler accident near where I walk. Today it was so silent. Generally I see a red cardinal somewhere close by and it usually sings to me. I feel like it must be my friend's spirit keeping an eye out for me in the woods.
I missed the cardinal today.

I wonder where he was? He probably knew bad weather was coming and decided to get out of the area.
I was enchanted by the wildlife I did get to see though. It is mating season with the crows, you should see the strange dance they do.
What a restful wonderful walk.

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