Sunday, July 01, 2007

Fun Weekend

We went to a 'Redneck' Wedding. The couple planned a bonifide Redneck wedding! After the vows were taken, they hopped on individual 4 wheelers and went mud bogging...she was still in her wedding dress!
Not to be outdone her daddy jumped in his truck and took it through the mud sliding it sideways to try and spray the on lookers with mud. Heh, I am fast and I ran!
Next thing I know I see MY grey truck with MY husband grinning as he makes his grand entrance through the mud hole. Oh I was hot, so angry that I didn't even get a picture. It really was in good fun and nothing got hurt.

The bridal party mud wrestled after the dinner and then everyone changed and danced or sat out under the moon and talked.
Me--I whimped out and went to bed early when hubby came home to chore.

Though this morning, I did get up at 5AM [thank you Morris] and was saddled up and on Badger by 8AM. [Thank you Badger!]
Nothing exciting but a little deer watching -- turkey sightings -- and lots of music from the morning birds.
Even picked some berries from the tall berry bushes! Yum.

Dang, do I have to go back to work tomorrow?


  1. Anonymous9:51 PM

    OMG That's hysterical!!

  2. LOL, I saw your photos on Flickr and loved them! What fun. Looks like they had a good start to their marriage. :D