Monday, July 09, 2007


I began this day thinking it wasn't going to be pleasant. The office was an awful mess when I came in. I sometimes feel like I am picking up after a 3 yr old instead of a well educated doctor.

Last night while looking up how to write a resume, I decided my mind needed a break and I began to go through my June photos. I stopped to look at one of my favorites. Not because the place is so beautiful, but the place is one that I often sit on a rock in the creek and do my 'non-thinking'. It is the place where I can go away from everything.
I call it my 'Secret Place'. Everyone should have one. I've always had one. I probably have more photos of this particular spot than any other of my neighbors woods. No matter where I wander I usually end up back here.
So I played in photoshop and made the above mandala, which now thanks to a dear friend has a little more meaning to it.

From the following site: What is a Mandala?
An audience or "viewer" is necessary to create a mandala. Where there is no you, there is no mandala. (from: You Are the Eyes of the World, by Longchenpa, translated by Lipman and Peterson).

I can think positive today and that makes me feel quite good. I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings to me.

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