Thursday, July 12, 2007

Beautiful morning...

This is from an old scanned photo, I think I'm liking this artwork so far the best! It is strong in color and very cheery. I had to sit down and 'make' 'create' it this morning before heading in to see Dr. Lawrence and facing the 'man' at work who I created a 'black hole' for yesterday.
Ha ha!
I already had a short walk in my Pj's...[note to eldest son...yes your mother is not quite right, but you knew that!]

My mood is really fantastic. I can't believe I let anger get me so worked up yesterday. Things are so positive now, I just feel the vibrations...[also helps when you can play CD's very loud in the Cavalier on the way to work!--Tractors...'Baby Likes to Rock It'...nothing like a little hill billy rock n roll to get you smiling]

Today the Cav, is out of commission, Rich went to replace the wires for the spark plugs and one of the plugs did not want to re-thread. So there is the Cav, up on ramps across the driveway...looking forlorn as it wants me to drive it.

I've got two professors I'm discussing the ethics issue with from my college, I expect to have a resolution by noon today. Nice to have the resources when you need it. Cool eh?


  1. Anonymous10:26 AM

    You are a caution...I'm so glad things are looking up. I'll have to try the black hole technique if anger issues ever arise. You're so good not to go along with the illegal processing. You WILL be going to a new job soon so no more worries. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow and praying it all goes well. I start my new job Monday. First time I've had a full time job in 15 years. Hope I can handle it. The mandala is lovely. Yes..very cheerful. To son: your mother is wonderfully wonky!!

  2. Wonky is such a cool word, thank you.


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