Sunday, July 08, 2007

Sunday, take it or leave it...

Well, how to top my last entry. Very mysterious sounding wasn't it? I am preparing for surgery and filling out some job apps. My college book for this next 8 weeks came and it was all about how to prepare for a career, or changing careers.
Did you know that most resumes are now scanned by computers to find key words? Yes, this is so.

So I spent the hottest portion of today researching for keywords and revamping my resume. The old one was nice, but surely only showed a history of my jobs, nothing short concise and worthy of catching the interest of a computer when it may or may NOT be scanned.
But it sure was an eye opener for sure.

Today it is about networking, people you know, 'keywords', and specific skills. At least that is if you want to do better than be a Walmart shopping cart 'go getter'.

This morning I was able to saddle up Badger and go for a delightful tour in the BIG BIG forest [as my grand daughter refers to it]. It was refreshing and we were back before 9AM and before the heat began to intensify.
Now I might just mosey on out and see if I can find some black cap wild berries.
I don't need a computer scanner to be able to do that...just plain old tenacity and woods-person skills.

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