Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Hectic Day

My Tuesday was swept with drama. It started out with me running late in the morning, see previous blog entry.
I had intended on taking my new polished resumes to 'Center' to drop them off personally. Instead of mailing them in, I wanted to see the places I was hoping for a new job.

Of course in order to make things feel just right, I felt that I had do, needed to, was compelled to--by some strong sense...that if I took Badger for a ride in the dusky morning light somehow things would be better.
Badger must have sensed my thoughts as he was the only mule to show up at the water tank and he stood and watched me quietly while I did chores for the other animals.
Morris, came along happy to be on an outing also. He ran as he does sniffing and 'watering' things along the way to 'mark' out territory in some ritual he has. He was happy, Mr. Mule was happy, I was content.
At one point in our ride Badger went stiff and stared intently at a downed tree that was being overgrown with wild grape vine. I sat and waited. Morris sat next to us.

After a moment a doe and her fawn slid quietly off into the denser woods. The rest of our ride was fairly uneventful, that is until I noticed Morris was limping badly on his right back leg, he wasn't even using it, but not complaining either. We crossed a particularly muddy and boggy part of the creek, when I looked back it seemed as though Morris couldn't make it.
Oh he was in NO danger, but I dropped off Badger and went to his aid. Morris ran up to Badger and put his paws on Badger's front leg...a sign that he was exhausted and wanted a ride.

Anyone who understands the aspects of mounting an equine that is taller than you with a very bad shoulder can appreciate the next few moves.
I put the muddy sloppy wet JRT on my saddle...said JRT shivered and shook as he is afraid of heights.
Since the right arm doesn't work well mounting is very difficult unless I have a bucket for assistance. There wasn't one.
I went to the 'off' side and put my foot in the stirrup. The shivering and muddy dog was in the seat. I pushed him to the rear of the saddle. He stood on Badger's butt, his JRT paws digging into said butt. Badger seemed unconcerned at this new turn of events and calmly reached for some delicious tall grass.
I got half way up and realized now I couldn't swing my leg over the JRT on the butt of the mule. So I pushed, coaxed...the JRT to the front of the saddle, which was now leaning. Mr. Mule was still unimpressed. I scrambled on the best I could...not pretty--straightened the saddle, and rode home with a happy panting Morris, who was warm and wet in my lap.

The phone calls started after that. Could I change my surgery date? Sure, when? Friday the 13th. Oh, okay.
I reviewed my new list of doctor visits, jumped in the shower and drove to Center. I dropped off the apps and when I got to my MIL's house she was back from surgery and looking just fine. She commented that 'boy do you look nice!'

I remarked that one did not go drop off applications in grungy clothes. Only one chance to make a first impression...or something like that.

When I got home, I had a message to set up an interview!
I had an email message from a past employer saying that this company had called her [I'd phoned her to ask if she would be a professional reference] and that she gave me a 'glowing review'.

My world was changing in a fast paced manner, wasn't it?
I collapsed last night and slept soundly.
What a day.


  1. Anonymous9:48 AM

    Congratulations on getting a new job. I'm impressed by your hard work. I love that Badger. He's amazing just like you and Morris.

  2. Haven't gotten the job yet....but sure have my fingers crossed!


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