Friday, July 06, 2007

Sunset Peace

I hurried through making a nice steak on the grill for hubby and hurried through helping him with chores so Morris, the-ever-brave, and I could grab the camera and take a walk on to the ridge to watch the sun go down.
Mr. Big Brave walked with alongside the road when suddenly something in the tall grass grabbed his attention. He stood stiff legged and peered into the grass. I assume he was awaiting for whatever caught his interest to come out. Because he certainly WAS not going in! Finally he decided to do what male dogs do best, and gave the general area his 'best shot'. He brings me so much enjoyment.
We walked quite a ways but the sun was too far in the northern sky to give us a good horizon shot on our road. I would have had to have walked 2 miles -- one out and one back, in order to see a clear shot of the sun.
I decided it was just enough to enjoy the bird songs and the colors of the thunderheads building to the east of us.

And on the side of a dusty road, in the twilight, found peace with a little Jack Russell who was busy making sure every creature knew he'd come this way.

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