Wednesday, July 25, 2007


My interview could I have done better? You bet I could, there is always room for improvement!

I dressed conservatively, yet nicely in khaki pressed dress paints, a simple green short sleeved blouse, and a light linen jacket [total cost of outfit…$45]. Minimum make up and simple jewelry from my collection of old stuff.

I read about the company I was applying for, I understood the job I was applying for as it was posted on their internet site along with a ‘Mission statement’ for the company. Then I read the blurb that summarized the particular office I was applying for.

I felt really good when the previous interviewee stepped out wearing flip-flops, Capri pants, and a t-shirt with an over shirt that was not tucked in.

I answered honestly every question they asked. When asked about my speed in typing I did point out that although my test scores showed 55 WPM with 97% accuracy, that until I learned ‘their specific’ language, I would not be as fast.

When we reached for the ‘anything else you can tell me about yourself?’…I pulled out an original letter signed by the Vice President of a company I’d previously worked for. I handed each of them a copy and let them read the original.

Both interviewers glanced at each other and sighed, ‘Nice!’

I can get tongue tied. That is my fault. I worked very hard at presenting me, selling me, with my grades and classes. They took particular interest in my print out of classes I am taking and will be taking. It did seem to coincide with their agenda.

Okay that is how my day went!



  1. Anonymous8:17 AM

    Wonderfully done!! You are impressive. If they don't hire you they're way out there. You're so prepared that it shows an amazing attention to detail. You'll get it. The mandala is so symbolic of how your future is going to coalesce to reflect the perfect plan. Good job good luck!

  2. Cool and I was just experimenting in PS this morning b/c I awoke so early!

  3. Rock on, sister! That's great. Sounds like you nailed that interview. I can't wait to hear the outcome. :)