Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Driveway Saga after one day...

The first picture is of the big bad dozer. I call it that, but it isn't the biggest one I've seen. I've seen one as big as our house come through the woods when Mike was still living and liked to take the 'D-9' out and clear trails with it. Trees rumbled and fell before the big D9 and Mike. But that is another story...

There is a marked difference in the first day. The road tubes were brought in today and should be put in place Thursday or perhaps Friday depending on what our expert's schedule is. He also works for the county and has a beef farm. We've had some of our ridge neighbors drive over to admire Jeff's handy work. That is how this fella gets his jobs, word of mouth. Pretty impressive isn't it?

I'm excited at the work, of course all I can do is observe. I'll get some pictures of the road tubes laying next to the driveway so you all can get an idea of what they look like before they go in.

Side Note:
Monday I saw the ortho surgeon who has added one more diagnosis to my right arm problems. In fact it is glaringly painful and I start PT for it today...It was painful before but the shoulder pain was confusing issues. The cortisone shot allowed me to sleep yet another whole night!
It is called Lateral Epicondylitis, you can read about it or not. Every time I lift my wrist to *mouse*, it feels as though someone is striking the funny bone...One month of PT for that and then he is hinting at elbow surgery.
This bums me out because it will effect my school and job situation. But Lateral Epicondylitis is also caused by poor ergonomics in the computer workplace...soooo

Well I am not going to let this ruin my perfectly good mood today. Happy day to all fellow bloggers!


  1. Anonymous9:56 AM

    Wow!! Yes impressive!

    There must be a solution to this arm thing. Surgeons like to do surgery. Really, there must be something else to do but more surgery. Yikes. We need to do some energy work for healing. This may be a turning point for you in a way unexpected. Something alternate. I'm going to mull that over.

  2. Oh please mull! Today I took a walk in the woods with Morris. Badger found us and we did talk. Both my animals are so understanding and in tune, how strange is that?


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