Thursday, July 26, 2007

The longest Night

It isn't fair, I was sooo tired and so pained from PT yesterday that I had a miserable night. If there was a position for comfort, it evaded me. So I got up and did my homework for school at 3AM. Hey ... I did go to bed at 9PM, so that was a good 6 hrs of sleep. Hmm, okay so it was NOT a bad night. Nights just seem so very long when you cannot rest.
I watched a foggy sunrise. I wanted to go and walk to the top of the ridge and watch it, but figured that hubby would wake up and find me gone.
We have since discussed this and it is okay with him for me to go.

The Cav has new tires, that was in my earlier blog. One more thing to pick up tomorrow...a vaccum thingy that keeps the engine from seeming to stutter as it goes down the road. We had the engine analyzed yesterday while I was being tortured at PT.
[Which by the way really sucked as they dug into a very sensitive rotator cuff feels as though I am bruised all the way through now. --- I had nerve pain and spasms of the muscles most of yesterday. Very frustrating ---but I did throw the frisbee for Morris the incredible--so I am getting better right????? Right?]

I'm teacher's pet in my Careers Class. She emailed me to thank me for helping other students and being a big encouragement to them. I guess that answers the question they asked at the interview...
Are you a Team Player?

Of course I am, when it is to my advantage.
ha ha
Well the heat index is at 100 degrees today...I only know that it is very very hot.
So I am heading out to get hubby's butt inside.

Oh .... watch for postings on the making of a new driveway! The dozer should arrive tomorrow!

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